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“They’re not beholden to advertisers, so they can do experiments you can’t see anywhere else.“

—Daily Mail (re: This vs That)

“The latest and greatest in web-TV“

— (re: This vs That)

“If you want more science based TV, here’s your next great fix.“

— (re: This vs That)

“Hilarious and revolutionary.“

— (re: This vs That)

“As impressive as these experiments are, however, there is something else that wowed me even more…(the creator’s) hard work, determination and good heart make me like him even more and support him as much as possible.“

— (re: This vs That)

“Ahead of the curve“

— (re: Get Sexxx Tonight)

“It’s awesome.“

— (re: Get Sexxx Tonight)

“Acerbically funny.“

— (re: Get Sexxx Tonight)

“Pretty entertaining.“

— (re: Get Sexxx Tonight)

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Hotchkiss Industries has recently partnered with a leading producer and distributor of content internationally on a new game show format created by company President, Jon Hotchkiss.


In March 2015, Hotchkiss Industries began production on its third independently financed series, Pizza With Writers, an interview program featuring the writers of America’s leading TV series and films discussing their craft… and pizza.


Hotchkiss Industries is a leader in the next generation of independent content distribution and Jon has spoken @ several industry conferences on the subject, including Digital Hollywood, Creatasphere and DragonCon. He's available to consult.


With 14 Emmy nominations, Hotchkiss Industries President, Jon Hotchkiss concedes he’s also lost 14 times at the Emmys.


A little about us

Hotchkiss Industries is a television production company specializing in format creation and show running and is a leader in the next-generation model of independent finance and distribution of original content across multiple viewing platforms. Company President, Jon Hotchkiss is a 14 time Emmy nominee whose original formats are currently in production in the U.S. and in multiple territories around the world.

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